The great civilizations have fallen, the great empires lay in ruin and have slipped into myth and legend. From the ashes, rise new civilizations ready to take their place and bring order to a chaotic universe.

TAKAMO UNIVERSE is a strategic science fiction Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) set in a persistent and constantly expanding universe.

The game is currently in development.


Kickstarter campaign successfully funded!!!

Legendary science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, author Steve Rzasa, WordFire Press, and the makers of Takamo Universe joined forces to transform the Takamo game universe into written word.

Our Kickstarter backers helped bring classic science fiction into the world of sci fi video games by supporting the publication, distribution, and promotion of the first novel in the “Kevin J. Anderson Presents” series: EMPIRE’S RIFT by Steve Rzasa.


Empire's Rift


  • Great Desert Rift and Tranheim globular cluster collision results in new starsystems! – 9/2/2016

    The Great Desert Rift region is feeling the effects of a recent collision with a globular cluster from the galaxy’s halo that is passing through the disk of the galaxy at the point of the Great Desert Rift. Stellar empires have begun to encounter new starsystems, stellar clouds (nebula) and other stellar anomalies, sometimes in regions that were previously explored. Read More

  • BIG NEWS!!! Takamo Universe joins forces with Kevin J. Anderson – 8/4/2016

    We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the noted science fiction author, Kevin J. Anderson, to bring you a series of novels based on Takamo Universe! Four novels are slated to be produced in the series with the first novel, EMPIRE’S RIFT by Steve Rzasa, to be released late this year. Read More


    After the loss of their foldgates in 4415, Cybernetic forces began to be assaulted in many regions of the Estra Galaxy. In 4416 in the Great Desert Rift, a region that was supposed to have been cleared of all biological life forms, Cybernetic supply ships began to suffer attacks by pirate raiders. Gedi and Charon destroyer squadrons were dispatched from adjacent regions to establish a convoy system to protect cybernetic supply lines. Read More

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The three month event will see classic yachts of all varieties race in the Dal Drift. The Calik Starsystem is gearing up for the return of the Classics Regatta, which will coincide with the Onear Festival. With such a mixed fleet descending onto the Garrick Protostar, it is expected to be an exciting and competitive event. Read More


There are many new items that will be in orbit or moving through the stars in Takamo Universe. Here are a few of them… Read More

The Dark Times – 2/10/2015

Historical societies across the Estra Galaxy suggest a number of dates for the beginning of the Estran Dark Times. However, the majority of historians argue for one of two periods. Read More

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Winners of the First Takamo Fiction Contest announced!- 09/27/2014

Each of the writers who submitted stories for the contest did a great job. Thank you for the hard work and creativity that each author put into their stories. Many details will eventually find their way into the ancient archives scattered across the Five Galaxies of Takamo Universe. Read More

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