The great civilizations have fallen, the great empires lay in ruin and have slipped into myth and legend. From the ashes, rise new civilizations ready to take their place and bring order to a chaotic universe.

TAKAMO UNIVERSE is a strategic science fiction Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) set in a persistent and constantly expanding universe.

The game is currently in development with an expected Beta launch date in December 2014.


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In the spirit of the Takamo Fiction Contest – WILD WOLVES By Roger Buchholz – 9/17/2014

In the spirit of the Takamo Fiction Contest currently under way, we submit for your reading pleasure a story written long ago by one of the original Takamo players. You will note a number of familiar names. We hope you enjoy it. Read More

Q&A – Diplomats and Spies – 9/9/2014

This week, Thom Walla answers a few questions about the new Spy and Diplomat actions. Read More

Rifting in Estra – 9/2/14

Rifts. An altogether confusing and amusing subject. There are of course two types of Rifts in Estra. One is a subsector wide behemoth that will crush your ships to dust should you ever venture into its subsector. The second is an ethereal disturbance you notice as you are scanning a location. Read More

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NEW forum format!

In an effort to improve the functions of the forum, we have decided to migrate the Takamo Player Forum to another format. We are using a better forum software that is easier to use and is a better environment for discussions.

To use the new forum, you have to have a new username and password. This week is our “beta test” for the new forum. There may be some bugs or glitches that we have not noticed, so please feel free to relay these to

If you need any assistance setting up an account, please also let us know.

If you are a part of an alliance channel, please let us know when you have signed up for your new account. We will then be able to grant you access to your alliance channel.

Here is the new forum link:

At the end of the week, we will automatically redirect traffic to the new forum. We plan to shut down this old forum by the end of this week. We have made an effort to archive some of the previous posts, so that you still have access to the old content in the new forum.

Recruit a Friend – 7/23/14

Check out our updated “Recruit a Friend” program!

Scavenger Hunt for Player Appreciation Week – 6/19/2014

As part of Player Appreciation Week, we are having a scavenger hunt! If you want a new, shiny terraformed world or a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, click this link and have fun!

Takamo Player Forums – 5/25/14

As part of our buildup, we are reinstating the Takamo player forum on the Takamo Universe website. It had been on the website early on in the Takamo Universe pre alpha build but there was really little to discuss other than to say “We’re back!” Now that the original Takamo is running, players are keen to get answers to game questions, chat with each other about the game, talk smack, negotiate deals, renew old friendships, pursue old grudges, etc. Read More

Moving forward with Takamo Universe – 3/15/14

First, we want to thank everyone for supporting Takamo Universe. It has been a fun ride thus far, and it’s just beginning. We have a few changes that we thought everyone should know about. Read more

Check out Takamo Universe in the media! – 12/29/2013

Be sure to check out these two recent interviews with Takamo Universe creator, Randy Ritnour! Read more

Update on the Takamo Universe Kickstarter campaign – 11/13/2013

As you can see, our fundraising deadline is fast approaching, and we will be short of our fundraising goal. This means that effective today we will cancel our Kickstarter campaign and shift our fundraising efforts to our website. We will try another Kickstarter campaign after we have reached alpha phase. Read more

Veteran Player Recruitment – 10/1/2013

Do you long for those sleepless nights spent poring over star maps, checking and rechecking order sheets? Anxiously awaiting the daily courier loaded down with printouts and battle reports? Read more

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