The great civilizations have fallen, the great empires lay in ruin and have slipped into myth and legend. From the ashes, rise new civilizations ready to take their place and bring order to a chaotic universe.

TAKAMO UNIVERSE is a strategic science fiction Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) set in a persistent and constantly expanding universe.

The game is currently in development.


  • The Stellar Cloud: Thanksgiving 2014 – 11/27/2014

    Things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day, a few of the Takamo Player comments that came with this week’s turns, and a special Thanksgiving treat! Read More.

  • The Stellar Cloud: Santa Fe Class Light Cruiser – 11/20/2014

    You are looking at the standard light cruiser configuration of the Terran United Confederation (UC). The name of the class follows the time honored tradition of naming light cruisers after old Earth cities. This tradition continued even after the UC became the Terran Empire during the later part of the war with Naplia. Read More.

  • The Stellar Cloud: Player designed starships – 11/06/2014

    Player designed starships are continuing to come off the assembly lines. The latest is the Civilian Class of the Soelian Twa star ship. The Soelian Twa are burrowing miners and tend to develop technology adapted to their own insectoid body styles, thus the rounded shells of starships and other structures reminding one of the telltale shell of an individual Soelian Twa. Read More.

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Cops and Smugglers – 11/25/2014

Police units. Why in the world would there be police units in a strategic science fiction game? Because there are criminals, smugglers, pirates, guerrillas and who knows what lurking in the backwoods of alien planets. Read More

Habitat Range and Goldilocks Zones – 11/18/2014

Everyone in Takamo knows what is meant by the term “Habitat Range”. In Takamo Universe, habitat range will have a similar meaning but in a new context. Habitat range will now consist of a single number instead of an atmosphere and hydrographic pair of numbers. Read More

CG-63B-1 – 11/11/2014

Ever wonder what kind of ship carries one of those 200 meter long metatanks we introduced some time ago? Well, here it is. At least the design specs anyway. It is a CG-63B-1 Metatank Drop Ship (refit). Read More

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Winners of the First Takamo Fiction Contest announced!- 09/27/2014

Each of the writers who submitted stories for the contest did a great job. Thank you for the hard work and creativity that each author put into their stories. Many details will eventually find their way into the ancient archives scattered across the Five Galaxies of Takamo Universe. Read More

NEW forum format!

In an effort to improve the functions of the forum, we have decided to migrate the Takamo Player Forum to another format. We are using a better forum software that is easier to use and is a better environment for discussions.

To use the new forum, you have to have a new username and password. This week is our “beta test” for the new forum. There may be some bugs or glitches that we have not noticed, so please feel free to relay these to

If you need any assistance setting up an account, please also let us know.

If you are a part of an alliance channel, please let us know when you have signed up for your new account. We will then be able to grant you access to your alliance channel.

Here is the new forum link:

At the end of the week, we will automatically redirect traffic to the new forum. We plan to shut down this old forum by the end of this week. We have made an effort to archive some of the previous posts, so that you still have access to the old content in the new forum.

Recruit a Friend – 7/23/14

Check out our updated “Recruit a Friend” program!

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