Takamo Universe (the New Takamo)

TAKAMO UNIVERSE is a strategic science fiction Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) set in a persistent universe based on the original TAKAMO, a play by mail game that was launched in 1982. TAKAMO ran for fifteen years and was redeveloped as a play by e-mail game in the late 1990s and then operated in its e-mail format until 2005. TAKAMO UNIVERSE is currently in development.

TAKAMO UNIVERSE is set in the rich background of the old galaxies of TAKAMO. The history of the Five Galaxies permeates the atmosphere of the new game with ancient empires, archives and equipment scattered across the stars.

Your empire will stretch across the solar system.

Plans for the game

Takamo Universe is being developed as a fully-interactive, three-dimensional universe. Players will be immersed in a persistent universe that has no end. The universe will continue to populate as empires expand outwards. Planets, moons and other heavenly bodies will be spread among the stars. Thousands of player empires will be housed on the games servers.

Some of the many features planned are listed below:

  • Fleet-to-fleet combat
  • Starfighter carrier strikes
  • Hyperspace fleet jumps
  • Hyperspace jump gates
  • Player and A.I. alliances
  • Diplomats and embassies
  • Notification apps for mobile devices
  • Ancient archives and libraries filled with clues to new technologies and old empires
  • Hidden alien empires
  • Ancient technologies
  • Economic controls
  • Production management
  • Research paths that let you customize empire technologies and abilities such as piracy, smuggling and cybernetics
Tech Control
  • Military unit design
  • Internal ship design
  • Standard and specialized hull classes
Fleet Control
  • Military leaders
  • Civilian leaders
  • Leader training and development
  • Trade routes
  • Convoys
  • Raw material mining