Design team

Randy-opt Randy Ritnour, Design Lead and Game Creator
Education: University of Nebraska, BA in History and University of North Dakota, Juris Doctor
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, mystery novels, Rugby, taijichuan
Interests: Military history, motorcycles, Sherlock Holmes
Original designer of Takamo, former CEO of Advent Games Inc. Also designed and published Pacific Conflict, Atlantic Conflict, and Sea Strike play-by-mail games.
Thom-opt Thom Walla, Programmer and Game Design
Owner and CEO of HobbyTown USA Franchise currently with 160 stores nationwide.
Education: University of Nebraska at Lincoln, degree in Business
Hobbies: RC Racing, Gaming, Tennis
Interests: Auto Racing
Was one of the original PlayTesters on the Original PBM Takamo in 1982. Played the game for several years afterwards. Programmed additional features into the Email version of Takamo when it started back up in 1998 until it was discontinued in 2005.
BillHayes Bill Hayes, Software Development Project Manager/IT Security
Education: Community College of the USAF, University of Nebraska, BA in Journalism
Hobbies: Gaming, reading, writing, mystery novels, shooting sports
Interests: Maritime History, Golden Age of Piracy, Speculative fiction writing
Bill Hayes is a former oceanography student, military veteran, and UNL journalism school graduate. After being part of the initial team with Takamo, Hayes pursued a full-time career in IT support and currently works as a Cyber Security analyst. He currently plays the MMOG Pirates of the Burning Sea.
Vanessa Vanessa Emlich, Project Manager
Education: Humboldt State University, BA in German and University of Surrey, MA in Translation
Hobbies: travel, research, languages, movies, soccer and tennis
Interests: History, languages, and sports
Worked as a project manager on multiple translation and localization projects and started working on the Takamo Universe project in 2013.
David Snodgrass, Artist
Presently retired Nuclear Operator from Omaha Public Power District
Service: 11+ years U.S. Marine Corps. EAS 1983
College: Tried it after service… It didn’t take.
Hobbies: Motorcycles, riding and working on them. Shooting and working on firearms. Good movies.
Interests: Same as Hobbies, artwork, and good movies.
Original play tester in 1982, when it was snail mail. Played for quite a while until went to work for Advent Inc. in 1985. Game Master and Office Manager at Advent Inc. for approximately one year. Played the play-by-email Takamo for a while until discontinued.
Sam Samuel Stockton, Marketing Lead
Education: MBA
Hobbies: Gaming (Video games, miniature games, board games, card games)
Interests: Any strategy game in existence
Creating awesome things for people is what I do, whether it’s a video game or a Royal Bacon Cheeseburger (both are works of art and can be consumed at anytime of the day). I am open to ideas, no matter who it is. You can find inspiration from anywhere or anyone.

Kevin-new Kevin North, Music Artist
Education: Pursuing Master’s of Computer Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B. S. in Computer Science with a minor in Music Technology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Hobbies: Listening to music, running, video games
Interests: Computer programming, electronic music
I have a very unique way of looking at music. I started writing music as a kid in elementary school, where I was attracted to complex, energetic pieces of music. This meant I wound up falling in love with electronic and world music. As a result, the music I write now is filled with sounds and styles that are rarely heard elsewhere.
Demi-sub Dmitry Borodin, Lead Modeler
Education: SSAU (Samara state aero-space university) – radio-engineer
Hobbies: video-games, reading, drawing
Interests: Wushu, qigong
He can make pretty modern models in a short amount of time because he is always open to new ways of modeling. “The punishments will continue until morale improves!”
Kmilo Kmilo Aldana, 3D Modeler
Education: Multimedia Engineering in New Granada Military University, Technical Systems and Computer Programming Education Complex High Camp, SENA (Multimedia Production Technology)
Kmilo is an artist specializing in digital art, with plenty of teamwork and decision-making experience in the workplace, knowledge of design, engineering and computer graphics, interested in professional development, great versatility in software management, strong leadership Artist , ease and willingness to learn.
Demi-sub Aaron Grothe, System Administrator
Bio to come!
Anthony-opt Anthony Dreesen, Production Coordinator
Education: University of Nebraska, BA in History
Hobbies: Gaming, movies, strategic board games, football
Interests: Ancient history, strategic warfare, fantasy fiction
Recently accomplished one of his dreams and saw Greek ruins in person. The life of an ancient history buff is exhilarating.
Mike-opt Mike Fong, Concept and GUI Artist
Mike is a freelance concept artist from York, UK. He graduated from York University with a BA degree in Graphic Design. Mike’s true passion is creating strange worlds, characters, vehicles and many other amazing things. He loves gathering inspiration from nature and the world around him. In his spare time, Mike enjoys writing music and jamming with his buddies.
Jessie-opt Jessica Johnston, Website Designer
Jessica designed her first website in 1996, and then continued working as a web developer at various organizations before moving over to now work primarily in the field of web project management. However, she keeps her hand in the web development sphere by freelancing on projects that catch her interesting – like Takamo Universe, which combines her web development love with her love for online gaming.

Contributing Artists

Alexander Lortkipanidze, 3D Modeler
Bhumit Padalia, 3D Modeler
Howard Ellison, Voice Actor
David Šibrava, 3D Modeler
ensou, GUI and Logo Artist
Aqua Regis, Concept Artist
Patkós Tamás, Concept Artist
JC Redmond, Concept Artist
Kalin Popov, Concept Artist
Roger Buchholz, Artist
Jim Kuzze, Artist
Tony Schappaugh, Artist