History of the five galaxies

When Humans speak of Takamo, they tell the tale of ancient star faring empires amongst the galaxies of the Radnian Cluster. The foremost in memory are the Five Galaxies: Estra, Deltar, Baxel, Fadren and Celsus. The empires that stretched across this region were a diverse combination of human and alien races. The tomes tell of a disastrous war between the Naplian Empire, a vast alien people bent on conquest on all of the five galaxies, and a grand alliance of human and alien worlds. The war raged for centuries through the very heart of Estra and into the rimward sytems of the Five Galaxies. As Naplian warships thrust deeper into Estran systems, the Grand Alliance, desperate to halt the tide of Naplian conquest, built the first cybernetic military units.

Much of the history of cybernetic development is veiled in secrecy or lost in the chaos of war. There are dark rumors of how the humans constructed cybers and of the pain and loss suffered by many worlds. The cybernetics ultimately defeated the Naplians and drove them from the Five Galaxies, but the cybernetics turned on their masters. They systematically destroyed the biological races in the five galaxies. These wars lasted yet more hundreds of years. Those alien races that survived the cyber onslaught fled known space. Most of the human worlds were destroyed with only a few isolated systems remaining.

Long ages have passed since the Naplians were defeated. The cybers that ranged across the stars have passed into the void to hunt biological life in distant star clusters, yet the dread of those dim times hangs over the humans like dust in the darkness between stars.

Now the humans in those systems that remain have begun to move out into the Radnian Cluster. Who or what will they encounter as they begin a new cycle of exploration and conquest across the Five Galaxies?