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This is the original play-by-mail game that we launched in 1982. We are making the play-by-email version available online as a free subscription to introduce the game system to today’s gaming community. We invite you to take this opportunity to see what massive multiplayer play was like before there was an online gaming community.

TAKAMO is a strategic level game of interstellar exploration, expansion and conquest. The game is set in an evolving three-dimensional galaxy, the scope of which you are not likely to encounter in any other game. Each player takes control of an emerging star-going civilization with immense potential and even greater dangers. The number of possible opponents and allies is virtually limitless.
Thousands of alien empires await your ambassadors. Tens of thousands of starships move and battle in the void between the stars. Hundreds of thousands of worlds look to the stars and wonder if your fleets will bring trade ships or landing barges filled with armored marines.

Turns are submitted through a web-based input program. You prepare the commands for your empire and its fleets and submit the orders according to a specified deadline. We then process all turns simultaneously and e-mail the result to you. Each turn consists of hundreds of possible actions that you may take to build up your planets, explore the stars, contact alien empires and battle opponents.

Takamo is an open-ended, fully interactive computer game with thousands of player-run empires per galaxy and tens of thousands of computer operated worlds run by the Takamo artificial intelligence software.

Because Takamo is open-ended, play continues indefinitely. There’s no end to the game, only further expansion and conflict as your empire evolves. This means that you can play Takamo for as long as you like. You will find that this is a game so rich and varied that you will enjoy it for many years to come.

The Overview section, the Rules for Takamo, and some of the old issues of our online magazine, Threshold, will give you an idea of just how immense this game is.

Want to learn about how to start building your own starships right away? That’s easy. Just point and click on the “Play Now” button and become the leader of a vast stellar empire!

Takamo is open to the public. We invite you to play for free to get a feel for the game system and then join the TAKAMO UNIVERSE BETA when it opens in late 2014.

The first empire is free. Additional empire positions are available for a recurring monthly subscription fee of $19 per 30-day cycle. Subscription fees are used to support the ongoing development of Takamo Universe. To set up an additional empire, click on the “Play Now” button and follow the instructions to set up your subscription. Subscriptions are charged immediately and must be canceled before the next 30-day billing cycle to avoid automatic recurring monthly charges.

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