The Great Trade Houses: 04/09/2015

A key feature in Takamo Universe will be entities called Great Trade Houses. They are the instigators of the trade and diplomacy enclaves that will populate the galaxy. The Great Trade Houses include the three surviving pan galactic corporations, Stelltron, Molnsa, and Western Rim. Although they are mere Ghosts of what they once were, their corporate predecessors had the wisdom to preserve and hide important star faring technologies that have made a revival of galactic civilization possible. They are of course keen to profit from this revival and so are more than willing to share with others some of the technology they have squirreled away, for a price.

The Great Trade Houses are engaged in the enormous task of searching for and cataloguing the thousands of surviving worlds hidden in the backwater star systems of long dead empires. They are in fact, engaged in a race to find and establish exclusive trade relations with as many worlds as they can find. For the Great Trade Houses, control of galactic trade is a means to profit from and control the revival of stellar empires. Control of the means of trade and production is a peaceful way to ultimate power.

Peaceful though they may seem, the Great Houses do possess military assets. Starships and ground forces that they are keen to employ when the end justifies their use. Stelltron has a significant stable of warships as well as a capable ground force. They have not been deployed for battle in recent memory but their efficacy in the cyber rebellions is legendary.

What does this means for Takamo Universe players?

One of the Great Houses will be your empires first contact off world. Whether it is Stelltron Corporation, the Molnsa Trade Guild, Western Rim Trade or some other trade giant, e beginning empire will have the opportunity to benefit from technologies available for sale or trade.

A WIP of a Stelltron Corporation Heavy Infantry Trooper.
A WIP of a Stelltron Corporation Heavy Infantry Trooper.

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