The Great Desert Rift region is feeling the effects of a recent collision with a globular cluster from the galaxy’s halo that is passing through the disk of the galaxy at the point of the Great Desert Rift. Stellar empires have begun to encounter new starsystems, stellar clouds (nebula) and other stellar anomalies, sometimes in regions that were previously explored. Read More

We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the noted science fiction author, Kevin J. Anderson, to bring you a series of novels based on Takamo Universe! Four novels are slated to be produced in the series with the first novel, EMPIRE’S RIFT by Steve Rzasa, to be released late this year. Read More

After the loss of their foldgates in 4415, Cybernetic forces began to be assaulted in many regions of the Estra Galaxy. In 4416 in the Great Desert Rift, a region that was supposed to have been cleared of all biological life forms, Cybernetic supply ships began to suffer attacks by pirate raiders. Gedi and Charon destroyer squadrons were dispatched from adjacent regions to establish a convoy system to protect cybernetic supply lines. Read More

In 4390, as the cyber main force transition to other galaxies continued, Cybernetic forces in Estra began liquidating the remaining biological slave races as a preemptive measure to halt a possible resurgence of biologicals in the conquered galaxy. Some cyborg subgroups were also targeted for elimination, causing minor cyborg revolts in a number of regions in Estra. By the following year, over 85 percent of all cyborg and cybernetic ground combat forces and 90 percent of cyber starships had transited to the other galaxies of the local cluster. Read More

From 4365, the year of the discovery and repair of the ancient foldgates to the Baxel and Celsus galaxies, hundreds of thousands of cybernetic and cyborg warships, transports and auxiliary vessels left the Estra galaxy. The overall reduction in force within Estra was becoming substantial and caused concern amongst some commanders within cybernetic command structure. However, the pace of foldgate recovery and repair continued to increase. By 4370 a total of 86 foldgates have been located and brought online. Read More

In 4358, four years after the Cybernetic Conclave at the Charon Governance World Taranetta-5 in the Hassatta Nebula of the former Kvizier territories, a task force of Gorkhan VII warships escorting a half dozen non-cybernetic heavy equipment ships and specialty transports arrives at Seriana Star System. Read More

Confused and bloody warfare have been the hallmark of the past five cycles. A second battle was fought between biological and cyber forces over a Nomad Platform controlled by minions of the Charon Empire. Phantatwain losses were in excess of a hundred starships. Cybernetic losses were undetermined but said to be considerable. Read More

Stelltron and Molnsa Trade Guild representatives announced that four new refugee factions have been catalogued in the Great Desert Rift. Per the policy of the Great Trade Houses, the names and locations of the factions have not been released. Read More

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that, Larry Lawrence, a Takamo Player, passed away on October 27, 2015. Larry was an exceptional guy with a big heart. He loved to play Takamo and was a valued contributor to the development of the new game. Read More

In addition to the regular blog, we are instituting a history of the exile empires hiding in the Great Desert Rift. This history is in fact a turn by turn account of major events that occur each year (weekly turn) leading up to the modern era and the beginning of the online game Takamo Universe. We hope you will enjoy this additional account as it unfolds in the run up to the online game. Read More