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Tell me how all the fields in the action code are used. I understand Action Number, Action Code, Fleet Number, and Empire/Ship Name. I would have expected Special Number to be used to say how many FTRs should be on deck but Number to Build will work.

Why are Location #1, Location #2, and Special Number used? Is this a movement order as well? Even if it is a “move-and-do”, why both locations? And what is in the Special Number box?

Action code 84 is a move and do fighter recon and here is how the fields are defined. Location #1 is the place where the fleet moves to. So it could be deep space, system space or even a planetary orbit, this happens before the fighter recon is actually carried out. If there are alien fleets encountered by the moving carrier fleet, then fleet combat may occur. Fleet #1 is obviously the fleet you wish to move. Spec # is the number of fighters that you wish to commit to a search of the area.

Lets stop right here. If you only filled out these fields then the number of fighters in the spec # field would recon the area you moved to and all locations in the ‘branches below’ it. By this I mean that if you moved to deep space the fighters would recon deep space, all systems, and all planets in all systems. Obviously it would take a lot of fighters to completely search this big an area. If you moved the fleet to a system it would only recon the system and the planets in the system. Okay, with me so far? Now lets look at some additional fields.

Location #2 can be filled out to fine tune the search. For instance if you move to ABC211 but you only want to recon the 1st system then the second location would be used. Put ABC2111 in the second location and the fighters would only recon that system.

Now lets add a number to the build quantity field. By putting a number here you are telling the fleet to launch a strike at any fleet you find with the searching fighters. Now, only the actual fighters left on the decks will be launched. Fighters on Cap AND fighters committed to searches will not be available for the strike.

Okay now lets add a name to the Empire/Ship Name field. By entering an Empire name in this field the fighters on deck, or more precisely in the build quantity field, launch only if fleets of this Empire are found by the searching fighters. They will not attack any other Empire even if you are at war with other Empires and one of their fleets is found.

Now, the last thing that you can do is put WAR in the Empire/Ship name field. Then your fighters will only launch if the searching fighters find an alien fleet that you have declared war on. All other neutral fleets will be reported but not attacked.

One last thing. There are no certainties about search fighters finding all fleets. The larger the area that is searched means the fighters’ search patterns are wider apart and there is less chance of spotting a fleet. Also, the smaller the fleet, the less chance the fighters will spot it. If you are searching stellar clouds, then the chances of spotting a fleet are even less. The greater the range the less chance. The higher the tec level is of the fleet you are trying to spot, the less chance you will spot it. But, the higher the tec level of your fighters the greater chance, so that is a consideration as well. To search an entire subsector takes a lot of fighters, and they would need to be at a very high tec level to spot small fleets. This prevents players from using the fighters to destroy merchant fleets, smuggling fleets, etc.

Military Bases (FAQs)

1. Can Military Bases be placed on unarmed colonies before the FORTs, FTRs, or MUs arrive?
Yes, Military Bases can be placed on any planet that your empire owns, but you must own it by some means. Colonize it, invade it, whatever. The Military base will work even though no military forces are installed but to little effect.

2. Would it work to have a high TL player land a MB ship on an empty planet and then another player invades, kills the zero MUs, and takes over the high TL defensive infrastructure? This would be another back-door approach to foreign aid.

Once the planet is defeated by any means the military base goes with it. So the invading player must install a new military base to gain the benefits.

3. Can Military Bases be attacked by missile strikes or guerillas?

Military bases cannot be targeted by missile strikes, guerrilla actions, or fighter strikes. They can only be destroyed by a direct invasion with Marine Units.

4. Can you retool a Military Base?

No. You simply build another ship at the appropriate Tec Level and land it on the planet.

5. What happens if I my planet’s Tec Level becomes higher than the military base I landed?

Your planet’s military forces fight at the higher Tec Level of the world and the lower Tec Level of the military base is ignored.