Status of the email game – 5/13/2015

As we progress with programming and art design in the new game, the Takamo veterans continue to play their empires in the email version of the original game. That game has matured into a number of large alliances and many independent factions. Ancient enemies are once again hunting each other in the starlight.

This past week, a Cybernetic faction launched a massive assault on a system in what many believe to be the first phase of a major Cyber incursion, at least one planet was lost in the attack.

Smugglers are finding fertile ground for smuggling centers that are used for coups and guerrilla actions. Exploration teams are heavily engaged in scouring the universe for ancient civilizations that can be searched for new technologies. Tech Level raises from ancient civilizations are rare but are worth the search.

How Does This Affect Player Empires in the new game?

Many of the things player empires seek in the original game will be present in the new version, but in a different form. Overall tec level raises will affect certain abilities but will be only part of the picture. Tec Advances will be an additional opportunity for increased abilities, as will laboratory research and reverse engineering of ancient technologies.

Starship WIPs ready for texturing
Starship WIPs ready for texturing

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