History of the Exiles of the Great Desert Rift – 11-15-2105


New Empires

Stelltron and Molnsa Trade Guild representatives announced that four new refugee factions have been catalogued in the Great Desert Rift. Per the policy of the Great Trade Houses, the names and locations of the factions have not been released.

Cybernetic and cyborg forces are active in the Rift. Gorkhan VII, Charon Empire, and several turncoat biologicals have invaded Lil Corporation world and liquidated the populations. Some intelligence sources suggest that this was done with the approval of Lil Corp executives.

Battle of Kenan

A Phantatwain fleet of several squadrons of smaller warships engaged Charon cyber starfighters in high orbit around Kenan 1, a captured nomad platform planet. The Phantatwain fleet commander Admiral Gant Kearatus in his flagship the Curian Frigate Amanthiu, led a squadron of frigates, nine Destroyer Escort squadrons and five cutter squadrons, 204 warships, into a point blank gunfight with Charon starfighters above the world. Losses were heavy on both sides with over 200 cyber starfighter groups annihilated (approximately 5,200 starfighters and other craft). Seventy-one of the Phantatwain vessels were lost in the engagement. The surviving ships suffered heavy damage. DE1117, the Iceantus was so badly mauled that its captain reported that the ship could still fly but must be considered zero percent operational by Phantatwain naval operations standards.

Topside view of a Phantatwain Destroyer Escort of the class present at he battle of Kenan.
Topside view of a Phantatwain Destroyer Escort of the class present at the battle of Kenan.

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