From 4365, the year of the discovery and repair of the ancient foldgates to the Baxel and Celsus galaxies, hundreds of thousands of cybernetic and cyborg warships, transports and auxiliary vessels left the Estra galaxy. The overall reduction in force within Estra was becoming substantial and caused concern amongst some commanders within cybernetic command structure. However, the pace of foldgate recovery and repair continued to increase. By 4370 a total of 86 foldgates have been located and brought online.

In 4371, Cybernetic and Cyborg delegations meet at Borropic-7 to plan the invasion of the Fadren galaxy via the Grendmin Starsystem Foldgate which was under repair. Certain “non-aligned” delegations are also present at the conclave to render technical assistance.

In 4373 the Cybernetic invasion of Fadren galaxy got under way with launch of a task force of 2,347 starships. During 4374, the pace of cybernetic starship transit to the other galaxies in the local cluster steadily increased. Over 560,000 combat and support ships made foldgate jumps that year. In the next year (4375), the number of ships making foldgate jumps reached 1.2 million per anum.

By 4379, the number of reconditioned foldgates in Estra reached 357. Observers suggested that the cybers could not have managed to locate and repair so many ancient foldgates in such a short length of time without the cooperation and perhaps the active assistance of “nonaligned” groups.

A foldgate mishap in 4380 was the harbinger of doom for the Estra Cybers. The Wettering Starsystem Astronomics Technology Research Facility on Wettering-3 was destroyed in a massive explosion. Cybernetic foldgate research was crippled. Geddan forensic teams determined that a micro singularity experiment malfunction was the cause. They missed the telltale signs of the fusion warhead detonation that triggered the micro singularity fracture. For the next 8 years, the cybernetics prosecuted the wars against the biological races of the Five Galaxies in Deltar, Fadren, Baxel and Celsus without pause.

In 4389 Kvizier and Wulf mercenaries attacked a cybernetic governance archival complex on Naddern-1, killing several thousand Cerebus cyborg bureaucrats and detonating a planet cracker device that destroyed the planet. The few surviving mercenary vessels hyper-jumped out of the starsystem and escaped. In response to the attack, Cybernetic factions across the Estra galaxy began liquidating the remaining biological slave races as a preemptive measure to halt a possible resurgence of the biologicals. Some cyborg subgroups were also targeted for elimination as unreliable elements. However, Cybernetic efforts were hampered by the fact that over eighty-five percent of all cyborg and cybernetic ground combat forces and almost ninety percent of cyber starships were by now in the other galaxies of the local cluster.

What does this mean for Takamo Universe players?

The resurgent hostilities against the surviving cybernetics in the Estra galaxy will mean that player empires will continue to be on their guard against possible cybernetic attack.

Human Mercenary circa 4435
Human Mercenary circa 4435

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