A Brief History of the Galaxy – Part 12 – 10/08/2015

The last regional conflict of the Cyber Rebellion commenced with the Indrian Wars in 4060 when the Indria Empire, Partak, Rishel Hegemony, and the Zussan Kindom banded together to resist the Cybers in the coreward and leeward arms of the galaxy. Their first engagement of the war was with the Knights of Rancor (KoR) in 4061 when the Indrian 1587th Frontier Fleet, Admiral Hussid Val-Roness commanding, engaged a KoR reconnaissance fleet and destroyed all but one scout ship, which jumped away. KoR battle squadrons followed up the contact and drove the 1587th Frontier Fleet out of the Dreedalak star system. The mining colony on Dreedalak-2 went dark two days after the battle and from that point on, Indrian Alliance forces engaged cybernetic starships and ground troops on a regular basis as the Cybers pressed in from all sides.

At the beginning of the 42nd century, the Kvizier Empire fell to combined assaults of the KoR, Steel Pulse, Gorshan Cybernetica, IMI Cybernetics, Charon Empire, and Gossam Cyber Worlds. Surviving elements of the Kvizier military and several motley civilian fleets fled toward the Great Desert Rift in spite of the fact that the last stronghold in the Rift went dark a quarter of a century earlier.

The year 4111 saw the first use of planet destroying weapons by biologicals against their own worlds to deny harvest materials to the Cybers. In a surprise attack, an Indrian Task Force recovered the Fahatua Starsystem. The few inhabitants of Fahatua-4 that were rescued described a horrific scene of mayhem and murder as I.M.I Cybers harvested nearly everyone on the planet. When the Indrians counterattacked, the Cybers did not have time to destroy or remove the billions of harvest material crates stacked in numberless mobile warehouses on the planet. The Indrian Task Force commander, Jagan Sutupan, embarked the survivors and launched “planet-cracker” missiles that destroyed Fahatua-4, thus denying the cybers their harvest.

The 4100s saw the destruction of a majority of the remaining biological races as well as the first cybernetic forays into the Deltar and Celsus galaxies. The last of the Truppen garrisons fell in 4175 and the century ended with disaster at the Burias starsystem in 4199, when the nova inducer was prematurely activated by a nervous Partak admiral who failed to investigate a false sighting of cyber starships in the star system.

From 4200 through 4353, with the exception of the Indrian Alliance conflict, the Cyber Rebellion devolved into a series of minor campaigns to crush the remaining biological empires, hunt down fleeing refugee groups, and locate fold gates for transit to the other galaxies in the local cluster known as “The Five Galaxies.”

Notable events during this time period included the elimination of the last rogue pirate empire and the destruction of the only remaining cybernetics loyal to biologicals. In 4236, the pirate kingdom Black Flag Syndicate ceased all resistance to the cybers and became a cybernetic ally on condition that surviving Black Flag worlds would not be harvested. Black Flag government personnel and military forces submitted to cyborg implants. The last known Truppen garrison had been based on a Black Flag world Bene Satte-6 when the pirate kingdom surrendered. Upon learning of the pirates’ capitulation, the Truppen garrison evacuated Bene Satte-6 and vanished. This was the last known contact with Truppen forces.

The Symbiot League was finally overwhelmed in a campaign that lasted from 4179 to 4280 by a massive campaign conducted by units of nearly every cybernetic and cyborg entity in Estra. The Symbiot League cyborgs, like the Truppen before them, had been fighting the cyber rebels for centuries. Their final stand was on the Symbiot manufacturing world Leat Anmar-9 in 4280.

In 4353, the last foldgate in the Estra galaxy known to be controlled by biological forces was destroyed in the Coldstream Ring Nebula, at the starsystem Matathra. The foldgate was destroyed by order of Zetta Destroyer Squadron Commander Weturi Deppros, who detonated a micro-singularity device in the mouth of the gate upon learning that the foldgate control station on the Ice Moon Rado had been taken by KMR “Killer Myron” Cybers.

The year 4353 is the generally accepted end date of the Cyber Rebellion.

WIP screenshot of a Rift Jump capable starship.
WIP screenshot of a Rift Jump capable starship.

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