The WANTED list

July 22, 2014
By R. Ritnour

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If you have been looking through the forums lately, you may have noticed a new thread entitled “WANTED“. No it is not an ad for corporate services, nor is it a hit list of empires that someone wants demolished. It is a list of the names of Takamo veterans that we are hoping to track down to let them know that Takamo is back!

(Go to the WANTED list:

The names were gleaned from data files stored on groups of 3 1/2″ floppies that were saved from the Great Fire. They are not, however, from the real list; the customer list of thousands that was once part of the database in the glory days of Takamo. That list held thousands of names and addresses. Sadly, by the time I bought the game back, those lists had vanished. So, now, my team and I pour over old records and scour files in an attempt to find stray names and player empire references. Hence, the wanted list. There may be players out there that you, as a Takamo veteran, remember. If so, please put their name on the list. It may be that someone knows where they are and can help us get in touch. If you recognize a name and know how to reach that person, please either get the information to us or contact them yourself to let them know about the game. (If they sign up with you as a reference, you not only gain an ally, but cool stuff in the game as well through “Recruit a Friend.”)

The next listing we will post is of player empires from old galaxies. Again, this is an effort to find Takamo veterans and anything that might jog our collective memory is worth trying. Besides, it is fun to look back at the empires that once existed in the universe.

So, if you have any information on these wanted persons, let the Takamo authorities know and we will do our best to bring them in….dead or alive…no, not really…well, we would prefer them alive…anyways…yeah…

Check out our updated “Recruit a Friend” program!
For every person who joins the PBEM game based on your referral AND who plays 5 turns of at least 25 actions, you gain 1 Tec 40 Juggernaut, (one for every person referred);
For the 3rd person you gain an additional Tec 40 Juggernaut;
For the 5th person you gain an additional Tec 10 size 5 colony with 5 colony bases, 100 FTRS and 250 MU;
For the 8th person you gain an invasion fleet capable of carrying 1,000 MU;
For the 10th person you gain an additional Tec 10 size 6 terraformed world with 1 PC, 1 MC 100 FTR, and 600 MU;
For additional persons after that, the cycle repeats (Wash, Rinse, Repeat).

Fly safe!!

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