The sweet sound of addiction… – 5/12/14

May 12, 2014
By Randy Ritnour

Player Quotes

We’re having a blast meeting new players and getting reacquainted with players from long ago. Part of the fun for us is corresponding with all of you each week. Here are some quotes from those conversations. Enjoy.

“Who cares if the people hate, they are all to be exterminated. The Galaxy must be cleansed!”
–From the C.C.C. (Collective’s Central Core) of the KNIGHTS OF RANCOR

“Splody is as Splody does after all…That is the name of my Explorers…Splody.”

“Hmmmmm. I mean, arrrrrrrrrh!”

“I don’t want to be THAT guy but, did you get a chance to run my turn yet? I am very curious to see how it turned out. After spending so much time working on it, I gotta know MAN!! What have you done to me? Is this the PBM virus that makes you have impatience? :)”

“It’s horrible. Why didn’t you tell me that once you spend time with the program it’s like crack! Thanks Randy. Thanks a lot. :)”

“… looking at the turn is bringing back memories….makes me wonder if any of the other FFLF guys are still around. Free Federation of Life Forms.”

“As you probably know, and Captain Randall knew too well, the Explorer Class Ship is capable of Hyper Jumping throughout space and is usually a one or two person ship. It is really used for exploration and reconnaissance only. Therefore, it is an unarmed ship by design. It was thought that would make the ship seem more friendly to other civilizations. He looked at the Shiny Shiny new Hull of his new home, running his hand along the fine Aerodynamic Lines of the Atmospherically Streamlined ship. It would be a fine ship to fly, but he couldn’t help but recall what his flight instructor said; “The Explorer class ship is fine for long jumps, moving fast, and finding information. Unfortunately, they also make a Shiny Shiny Tombstone in the Blackness of Space”.

RE: General Discussion About The Game (TAKAMO) at forum.
“It’s ALIVE!!!! ALIVE!!! If you find an alien race with green skin, bolts in their neck and they are afraid of fire…it’s Randy’s fault. Just saying.”

“Hopefully my fleet commander will be able to handle the task at hand this time.”

“Randy; The phrase “there is no fleet number associated with this action ” appeared way too often.”

“Looks like I am making friends in space…about 8 people or so ‘Getting the Band Together’ ”

“Here it is…OORAH!”

“Unfortunately my ‘cargo run’ had a problem last time. My upgrade of Planet did not work correctly before that so my fleet did not get built. Oh, well we did have another ‘Negotiated Settlement’ with a planet this time. So we got that going for us. We are still having some success finding places for our ‘Information Processing Centers.”

“Senor Estupido strikes again”

“Well, this time I remembered to actually send the turn.”

“It is refreshing to learn of such misfortune.”

“Well we are hoping to wrap up another NPC ‘Negotiation’ this turn. Always best to have the bayonets sharp for that.”

“There it is [the turn sheet]! Looking it over…it actually looks messed up but I am not going to touch it. Look and tell me what you think.”

“Here it is [the turn sheet]. Don’t drop it”

“The first hint that Captain Randall had that he had been Commissioned in the wrong branch of the Mutos of Rhatsibahn fleet, was when he saw the Name of the class of Explorer Painted on his Ship…Splody”