The name of the game is to spread out!

October 14, 2014
By R. Ritnour

There is an interesting trend in the current galaxy that bears some discussion. It is an old tale but one worth telling again. It is about the tendency to consolidate entire sectors before moving out to claim other worlds. It is a natural desire to make sure the areas (in this case the star systems) around you are safe and free of threats. You want your home to be nice and cozy before you venture out into the cold cruel galaxy. However, that strategy is the road paved with good intentions that leads to Hell.

If you haven’t noticed, the galaxy is big. So big that you can slip into the deeps of space and never be found. Hence, the strategy followed by the Kvizier and many other races which is… Spread out as fast and as far as you can. If one part of your empire is attacked, so what? You have dozens of other colonies and terraformed worlds. The enemy can’t possibly find all of them.

The other benefit to spreading out as fast and as far as you can is passive income. Even if most of the worlds are colonies that you conquer or build up yourself, the total income from these worlds can become quite impressive, and they don’t take up actions to make the RUs! If any of them are taken by the enemy, the sheer number of them means that the loss is hardly felt. It is a win/win situation.

So, bypass the big heavily armed worlds and go for the easy pickings. Build all the colonies you can. Spread out and don’t look back!

-End Transmission-