The Monster in the Room

July 15, 2014
By R. Ritnour

Wow. The past couple of turn runs have been…FUN! We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with our email service. Two weeks ago, we had an unusual number of turn results that didn’t reach players and, unknown to us, a few player orders that did not reach us. This past weekend, the floodgates opened and nearly half of the players did not receive their turn results! We also had several more players whose orders didn’t arrive. To top it off, a couple of players had their turn formatting turned off. Imagine getting an entire Takamo turn result printout in one long sentence. Once we realized that the problems were affecting a majority of the players, we knew it could not be a random service issue. It was across the board, which meant it was probably us. Sure enough, we determined that the new system that we set up a few weeks ago was a little monster in disguise. We took away the car keys and sent it to its room. Teenagers!

The old email system is back in place with plans to optimize processing through that system. Good old tried and true gmail.

The up side of this is that we have now set up processing and troubleshooting threads in the forum.

What does that mean for players?

There is now a place to check on the turn processing on Friday nights. No more wondering when the turns will show up. There will be an ETA on the site as well as announcements about any delays in processing. The troubleshooting thread will let players ask for help in addressing such things as the run together turn results.

Fly safe!

-End Transmission-