The Great Naval Yards of Estra

January 28, 2015
By R. Ritnour

Vast numbers of ships were built during the Naplian Campaigns and the Cyber Wars. So great was the demand for new starships that the shipyards of the warring empires found it impossible to keep up with the demand. The great commercial houses of the galaxy built huge naval yards to take advantage of the seemingly endless need for more and better starships.

The amount of money, resources and lives expended to create these planet-wide naval yards is unknown, but it is certain that it exceeded the annual output of whole starsystems.

Thirty-nine great naval yards are known to have existed in Estra prior to the cyber rebellion. At least two were controlled by Stelltron Corporation. Three were held by the Terran Empire. The Briddarri had one, the Naplians built at least three. Audria had the great naval yard at Artattu. The Borthan controlled the Likka Yards under Stelltron license. The Molnsa Trade Corporation had two naval yards and perhaps a third. Other empires who had naval yards included the Soelian-Twa, the Ruttak, and the Phantatwain.

What does this mean for players in Takamo Universe?

Player empires may encounter these great naval yards still in operation and ready to take orders for new starships, or they may find them long abandoned and full of valuable technologies ripe for the picking.

The drawing of the great Stelltron Naval yard of Hitanella.
The drawing of the great Stelltron Naval yard of Hitanella.