Fall In Recruits!

June 17, 2014
By R. Ritnour


We are having so much fun running the original game that we want to see more veteran and new players joining up! Back in the day, we would provide free turns to players who recruit others to play the game. Since the game is now free, we’re thinking that would not work so well. “Here’s a free turn for the free game.” Uh, no, instead of offering free turns for a free game, how about offering in game assets. Now THAT’S a good idea!


For every person who joins the game based on your referral AND who plays 10 turns of at least 25 actions, you gain 1 Tec 30 Cruiser, (one for every person referred);
For the 3rd person you gain an additional Tec 40 Dreadnought;
For the 5th person you gain an additional Tec 10 size 5 colony with 5 colony bases, 100 FTRS and 250 MU;
For the 8th person you gain an additional Nomad Transport capable of carrying 1,000 MU;
For the 10th person you gain an additional Tec 10 size 6 terraformed world with 1 PC, 1 MC 100 FTR, and 600 MU;
For additional persons after that, the cycle repeats (Wash, Rinse, Repeat).

Sam wanted to give you cool aluminum foil hats to send secret coded messages, so we locked him in the closet…again.

-End Transmission-