Randy’s Birthday Blog

September 30, 2014
By R. Ritnour

It’s my birthday! I am getting to the age where I wake up in the morning and think “Eyes and ears working (sort of), limbs functioning, still breathing…Yessssss!”

So, I spent the day thinking over the blessings of the past year. They are legion. Old friends are still there and still bless me whenever we get together. I have made new friends by the bucketload this past year as people have joined the ranks of Takamo Universe programmers, writers, artists, modelers, content builders and supporters.

Thank you to all of you for the blessing of your friendship and support.

Since this IS supposed to be a blog about Takamo, here is a shout out to the people that are making the dream of Takamo Universe a reality:

Vanessa Emlich – Project Manager;

Bill Hayes – Programming Team Lead, IT Security Lead;
Thom Walla – Takamo game system programming lead;
Aaron Groethe – Sys admin;
Chad Baldwin – Gameplay Engineering Lead and Unity Client side programmer;
Jessie Johnston – website developer;
Jerry Maine – Programming;

Kevin North – Music Composition Lead;
Eugenia Kurteva – Music composition;
Steven Samler – Music composition.

Dave Snodgrass – Concept drafting and design lead;
BA Sparks – cyber starship illustrations, Truppen Cyber concept art;
Spark Wargone – Naplian and other military concept art;
Dustin Baker – Icons and other graphic design;
Joris Wegner – concept art;
Robert Cavanna – armored vehicle concept art;
Julian Schlottmann – military and cyber concept art;
Filip Dudek – illustrations;
Max Bagdasarov – military concept art mechs and soldiers;
Mike Fong – illustrations, animations, starship models;
Adam Schellpeper – cyber illustrations;
Lyn Walker- cyber illustrations;
Ensou – GUI and concept art;
Aqua Regis – concept art;
Patko Tamas – concept art;
Kalin Popov – concept art.

Alan Edeker – Production Coordinator;
Anthony Dreesen – Production coordination;
Georgia Welch – Production assistant;
Christall Ritnour – Production assistant;

Dmitry Borodin – 3 D Model Lead and In-game Asset Art Director;
Bhumit Padalia – 3 D starship models and illustrations;
Kmilo Aldana – 3 D starship models, concept art, alien starship design;
Alexander Lortkinpanidze 3 D starship modeler;
David Sibara – 3 D starship modeler;

Sam Stockton – Marketing lead, cyber concept designs;
John Petelle – Marketing, wiki development;
Tony Webb – List development and fiction;

Howard Ellison – Narration Lead and voice acting;
Jolandi DuPris – voice acting and narration
Gary Mays – voice over talent, fiction and content writing;
Terry Buchholz – voice over talent, fiction and content writing;

David Nolte – Fiction Writing Lead;
Steve Galpin – forum moderator, old forum retrieval, fiction writing;
James MacKinlay – fiction writing and content development, Solien Twa ship design;
David Williams – fiction and content development, Charon cyber starship model design and character model design;
David Brewton – fiction writing;
Bill Guenther – fiction writing;
Roger Boykin – fiction writing;
William Olson – fiction writing;
David Bellar – fiction writing;
Keith Verret – content development;
Samson Lancaster – content development;
Larry Lawrence – content development;
Toni Baldacci – content development;
Daniel Berens – content development;
Eric Carver – content development.

Roger Buchholz – original Takamo art illustration and fiction;
Jim Kuzze – original Takamo art illustration;
Tony Schappaugh – original Takamo art illustration.

There is always the danger that, with so many members of the team, I missed someone and if I did, please let me know and I will make sure to mention youin the next blog.

Thank you to all of you who are helping us build the Five Galaxies of Takamo Universe!

-End Transmission-

Started the day off right with two cool birthday presents