More Variations on a Theme

December 23, 2014
By R. Ritnour

As we continue building starships, we are also refining and diversifying the ship frames we have. For example, the early Terran designs usually have at least four variations of the frame. Each frame has a distinct internal structure that will affect armor, speed and other intrinsic features.

The Terran Nebula Class is a good example. It is an advanced explorer with a huge scanner array in the forward section of the hull. The Nebula can also be configured with a weapons array, turning it into a powerful scout vessel for military operations. There are three hull variations that each accommodate different types of engines, scanners and equipment racks.

Top picture: bow view. Bottom picture: stern view.
Nebula Class Explorer

This vessel is 90 meters long, 24 meters tall and 24 meters wide. The standard version is powered by two Convest Innovations Industries conventional drives and a serjaum drive manufactured by one of three vendors. Accommodations for 32 crew and scientists. There are no weapons aboard the standard explorer frame.