Foreign aid

July 29, 2014
By R. Ritnour

-Begin Transmission-

Let’s talk about foreign aid in Takamo

Yes, there is foreign aid in Takamo. You can provide foreign aid to any planet if you have the coordinates. So what can you do? Well, you can build PCs, MCs, Forts, Ftrs, MUs, HMUs, Planetary Torpedoes and Shipyards. If the tec level of the planet is high enough, you can build other things like ABMs. You can retool the planet to the next tec level. If you have PC or MC ships, you can land them if there is room on the planet.

If the planet is terraformed and has no MCs on it, you can orbit the planet with an MC ship and drop it on the planet. That makes you the MC owner on the planet, just like a miner. However, you can’t build MCs directly on the world. You have to install each MC by landing a MC ship.

If you land a PC ship on a world that has no PCs, the new PC belongs to the planet owner, not you. You can build additional PCs directly on the world but they are owned by the planet owner, not you.

RU transfers are another form of foreign aid. The limit per action is 32,000 RUs. Cybers are different. They have a lower RU transfer limit.

You can also build ships, send your fleet to a rendezvous point, and merge the ships into a fleet owned by another empire. Foreign troops can also be loaded onto your transports and ferried to another planet for invasion or peaceful disembarkation. If you disembark your MUs on some other empire’s world, they join that empire. If you invade a planet with alien MUs, and they win, the planet becomes owned by the empire that owns the invading MUs.

Ok, we are done having fun!

Fly safe!

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