Do you Dread the Dreadnought – 5/27/14

May 27, 2014
By Randy Ritnour

This Memorial Day weekend has been an eventful one. We sent out the Memorial Day gifts of a Class 1 Dreadnought to each player, we announced the new 2nd empire policy, and we reinstated the player forums on our website.

Although not quite as exciting as a brand spankin’ new warship parked in planetary orbit, the addition of the player forums should be great for game play. In the next couple of days, we will add a Q&A section where we will publish many of the answers and dialogues that we have had with players as they have worked to understand game play and the best ways to handle builds, tec raises, turn input, and trade.

In addition to the Q&A section, we have introduced Alliance Channels. The channels are private forums set up specifically for alliances formed in the game. An Alliance Channel will be set up upon the request of three or more players who request the channel. The name of the Channel will be the name of the alliance. To set up a channel, contact The Alliance channel will be password protected and only available to those persons designated as part of the alliance group.

The forums are a great place to make contacts in the game, post news, and mentor other players. We encourage you to take full advantage of all that the forums have to offer.