February 24, 2015
By R. Ritnour

The three month event will see classic yachts of all varieties race in the Dal Drift.

The Calik Starsystem is gearing up for the return of the Classics Regatta, which will coincide with the Onear Festival. With such a mixed fleet descending onto the Garrick
Protostar, it is expected to be an exciting and competitive event.

Classic yachts from across the Fal Nebula are expected to participate, with 500 year-old boats sailing alongside modern replicas. Last year saw an eclectic race fleet of Pilot Cutters, Sloops, Ammuth Working Boats, Camdens and Offset Designs.

A Breeds Cutter sailing past Jisterman Moon

The highlight of the regatta will be the parade of stars, taking place at the mid-race waypoint. A fleet of classic designs will sail out of the orbital harbour, creating a magnificent sight. The parade can be seen to best advantage from Arandis Cloud, Gressman’s Orbital Observatory, Refusal Point, and St Kapes Moon.

Last year, vessels from as far as Audria entered the event as the regatta offered free berthing for visiting craft. This year, competitors can expect further developments with a dedicated mooring area for competitors. Thanks to the sponsorship of the local governments and the help of Calik Harbour Council, the event will again offer free berthing at the outer sections of Rolliver Haven.

Andras Hemevan, chairman of the Calik Classics Association, said: “We expect the event to bring three enjoyable months of classic boat racing and rallying around the entire Starsystem

“Calik provides many vantage points for spectators, offering spectacular views of the Regatta which takes place in the Calik Belt and Fansil Drift.”

Free berthing will be offered to vessels up to 150 meters and free moorings for larger vessels. The berths are limited, so availability will be based on a “first come – first served” basis. Berths are to be booked when registering for the event. Competitors that are hauling to Carik can enjoy the facilities of Carik Belt Boatyard for launching and recovery.

What does this mean for players in Takamo Universe?

Takamo Universe is rich in background that will affect how NPC empires and player empires interact. Competitions and other events will be part of the multitude of activities that are part of life in the Five Galaxies.

A Breeds Cutter sailing past Jisterman Moon
A Breeds Cutter sailing past Jisterman Moon