November 11, 2014
By R. Ritnour

Ever wonder what kind of ship carries one of those 200 meter long metatanks we introduced some time ago? Well, here it is. At least the design specs anyway. It is a CG-63B-1 Metatank Drop Ship (refit). It is called a “refit” because in its original configuration it carried two of the older MT-2 model metatanks. It was then redesigned to carry two of the newer MT-3A metas or four of the older MT-2 model. It was a double deck arrangement able to allow it to dismount all metas from the aft ramps immediately upon landing. The drop-ship had sufficient fuel for two trips to the surface before refueling. Approximately 30,000 kilometers.

Overall length was 378 meters. It stood just over 100 meters high and 201 meters wide.
It had a complement of 115 officers and crew. It carried seven defense turrets and was powered by four heavy pulse ion units.

The drop ship was not jump capable and had to be transported aboard a “mother” ship of far greater size. Several classes of transports carried Terran drop-ships. These will be discussed in a later blog.

This ship, like most of the other designs comes from the mind of David Snodgrass, our ship design lead. We are fortunate to have such a brilliant designer on our team. David is also a player in the current Takamo PBEM. You may run into his cybernetic minions as you sail among the stars of the Estra Galaxy.

- End Transmission -

CG-63B-1 schematic drawing
CG-63B-1 schematic