A Glimpse into the Future

February 3, 2015
By R. Ritnour

Stellar Clouds. If you’re a Takamo veteran, you’ve encountered more than your share of thick, billowing stellar clouds. They are the debris of nebulas and star factories. They inhibit scanners and hide whole star systems in their dusty embrace. Death hides in stellar clouds. Black holes and neutron stars swim in the darkness.

In Takamo Universe, stellar clouds are alive and well. Many nebulas will populate the galaxy. Telescopes and scanners will have difficulty peering through them and starships will move cautiously in the mist.

The screenshot below is a view of a cargo ship feeling its way through a stellar cloud. It is also the first glimpse of three dimensional space in Takamo Universe. The Five Galaxies are starting to unfold before our eyes.


- End Transmission -