February 17, 2015
By R. Ritnour

There are many new items that will be in orbit or moving through the stars in Takamo Universe. Here are a few of them:

Orbital Fortress
- Fort in Orbit with the firepower of a cruiser.

Fast Attack Stealth Ship
- Cloaked attack ship armed with energy torpedoes. Lethal in hit and run torpedo attacks against merchant ships and lone military vessels.

Stealth Ship Tender
- Massive cloaked cargo ship for resupply of stealth ships.

Fast Transport
- Small transport for military operations in alien territory.

Asteroid Breaker Starship
- A tug sized vessel with a huge repeller array to push aside asteroids. Used to clear a safe way through dense asteroid fields.

Minelayer Starship
- A destroyer size ship used to set minefields in asteroid fields and planet orbits.

Minesweeper Starship
- A destroyer size ship with either a front array or towed array for sweeping and detonating enemy mines.

Clipper Starship
- A fast cruiser size merchant vessel built for high speed trade runs.

Orbital Shipyard
- Shipyard able to build all manner of starship and most orbital structures.

Orbital Drydock
- Orbital repair facility. Smaller than a shipyard and used only for repair work.

Orbital Agriculture Research Station
- An orbital structure used for agricultural research in the empire Research & Development Tree.

Asteroid Mining Station
- A deep space mining structure anchored in an asteroid field.

So what does this mean for Takamo Universe players? A vast number of ships and structures will be available to your empire as you increase in size and technological capability. Many new structures and ships classes will fill your skies.

View from the launch bay of a new carrier under construction.
View from the launch bay of a new carrier under construction.